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The out-of-the-box content types you'll get in Brightspot GO

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Brightspot GO includes all of the core content types required to build a website. All you need to do is publish your content.

Start publishing on day one

With Brightspot GO, your content team can start creating the moment they log in. Eliminate weeks (or months) spent on planning, building and deploying your content models thanks to dozens of pre-built content types included in Brightspot GO.
Articles and listicles
The workhorse of any digital experience, articles and listicles support text content, as well as a variety of embeds like images, quotes, videos and social media.
Put the spotlight on your writers with the dedicated Author content type, which includes biographies, contact information and recently published content.
Blogs and blog posts
Go deeper and get personal with audiences on specific topics with pre-built blog and blog post content types, which include built-in commenting capabilities.
Contact and custom forms
Leverage our built-in contact us form to help your audience reach you, or use our custom form builder to collect an array of feedback from your customers.
Documents, spreadsheets and presentations
Need a place to store popular file types, like documents, spreadsheets and presentations? Brightspot GO includes dedicated support for each, allowing users to build repositories of critical files.
Header and footer
Take control over your site's structure by leveraging GO's pre-built header and footer components. These provide robust support for managing navigation elements, including internal and external link support, and grouped subnavigation items.
The front door to your digital experience deserves a dedicated content type, and GO delivers—spotlight content, set SEO metadata and deliver a curated experience to your audience.
Image galleries
Tell the story, but with images—galleries are an immersive way to highlight compelling imagery to users. Quickly upload images, reorder, edit captions, credits and other metadata and more.
Enjoy a robust image management toolkit, including default focus settings, crops, editing, as well as image metadata and auto tagging capabilities—built right into the content type.
Live blogs
Cover events as they unfold in real time with a dedicated timestamped experience, which allows multiple authors to create, pin and highlight a series of microposts.
Build and deliver your marketing newsletters without ever having to leave the CMS, including the ability to reference any piece of content or media asset to save time and money.
Pages, sections and tags
Manage taxonomy and build curated or dynamic landing page experiences around specific topics by using Brightspot GO’s built-in organizational assets.
Spotlight your organization's leadership team, create profiles for notable alumni or build out your intranet's staff directory with GO's Person content type.
Doing a podcast? We’ve got you covered with a dedicated podcast page, episode pages and support for audio files. Includes syndication support for Apple Podcasts and RSS, as well as modules dedicated to presenting podcasts and episodes.
Press release
Get your most important news and company updates out to the broadest audience possible, with support to send press releases out over the "wire" via the relevant agency news feed.
Promo, list and rich text modules
Brightspot GO includes a variety of workhorse modules, such as promo (designed to point to a single asset), list (designed to point to a list of assets) and rich text (for text blocks). The list module also supports dynamic mode that allows you to build a query.
Purpose-built module types
Special use cases call for specialized module experiences, and Brightspot GO offers a variety of these as well. Examples include container modules, author modules, logo modules, quote modules, as well as HTML and iFrame modules to support embedded experiences.
Search and search results
Built-in search and search results experience allows you to control available filters and sorts, as well as the ability to boost by certain attributes and spotlight certain results.
Sponsored content
If branded assets are part of your content strategy, look no further — Brightspot GO supports sponsored content on articles, listicles, live blogs, blogs and blog posts.
Videos and video playlists
Upload video assets or import directly from YouTube, Vimeo or another OVP, then set custom metadata, descriptions, thumbnails and SEO attributes on any video asset. Video playlists let you curate media experiences.


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Brightspot GO includes the features, functionality and flexibility that global brands rely on to power their digital transformations. Explore some of GO's high-value, enterprise-grade CMS features below.
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