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7 reasons why Brightspot GO is different

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  • Get started in minutes, not months
  • Integrate your tech stack without developers or code
  • Build your front-end experience with or without a developer
  • Decoupled, headless or hybrid? The choice is yours
  • Empower your content team to do more—no engineers necessary
  • Create and collaborate with unparalleled publishing tools
  • Get a turnkey CMS for less than the cost of single developer

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot GO packages the power of the Brightspot CMS into a business-ready version that allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences in record time, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

Get started in minutes, not months

The first thing you will likely notice when logging into the Brightspot GO CMS for the first time is that, unlike what you might see in other CMS offerings, you will find hundreds of pre-modeled, pre-built and fully functional content types ready for your team to begin publishing with the minute they get started.

From full-page templates like articles, blogs and blog posts, live blogs, listicles, and email newsletters to modular components like promos, lists, forms, and navigation items, your content teams can literally start publishing within the first hour, without requiring your development team to do anything at all.

These pre-built content types have been created and deployed based on the extensive use cases and publishing experiences with Brightspot customers going back over more than a decade. These content types are based on the ones used by leading brands including Walmart, the Los Angeles Times and Politico, to name but a few, so you can be confident that they will work for you, too.

Of course, you can create your own content types, too, in the event that what comes "out-of-the-box" (OOTB) isn’t 100% of what you need. Better still, you can extend or modify the ones that do come OOTB as well with some simple JavaScript customization. In most cases, though, your content teams will have most—if not all—of what they need without requiring a single developer or even one line of code to be written.

In today’s world, digital transformation doesn’t stop. Organizations have much more to do than they have staff for, and no matter how many great developers you might have, there is always more work than they can do.

With Brightspot GO, you can reduce your time-to-value from months to minutes, save your developers for where you truly need them, and get your content teams moving forward on day one.

Integrate your tech stack without developers or code

The next area of critical value Brightspot GO offers your organization is an array of pre-built third-party integrations for nearly every common, mission-critical use case. From analytics to advertising, marketing automation to email service providers (ESP), paywalls and subscription management to translations, Brightspot GO has them pre-built and ready to use. We add new integrations to this library every month, so if we don’t have the one you are looking for, let us know and maybe we’ll add it!

Like the pre-built content types described above, these pre-built integrations are ready to use immediately by your content teams—simply drop in your account credentials and go. Your development team does not have to worry about APIs, SDKs, writing, testing or deploying any code. With GO, that’s already done for you. Your content teams can start pulling in analytics data, translating content, publishing third-party forms, syndicating newsletters to your email subscribers, and more the day they get started. Forget spending months waiting on complex software projects to complete the necessary integrations.

Beyond just the ease and speed of getting started, GO's library of integrations also means that your development team doesn’t have to worry about that late-night email informing them that the API upon which your business relies is being deprecated. Likewise, keeping track of the latest features, functionality and versions across your martech software, for example, is handled by us automatically.

Leave the complex design, development, maintenance, support and upgrades of your third-party integrations to us—and let your content and development teams focus on delivering the best digital experiences for your audiences.

Build your front-end experience with or without a developer

Beyond the content types and integrations that Brightspot GO offers you OOTB on day one, you will also notice that Brightspot GO has a built-in front-end presentation, or "theme." This theme instantly enables your teams to publish content and display it on the web without having to to write any code or create any front-end functionality—on day one, without any work required by developers.

Of course, this built-in theme will not map to your desired colors, styles and fonts OOTB. Here's where GO shines, giving you numerous options to customize it as much as you choose to, in several different ways, whichever best suits your needs and the skillset of your organization.

You can modify the provided theme "editorially" (meaning without code) using the tools provided in the CMS — to reflect your brand colors, fonts, styles, logos and other imagery. Or, you can take a professional software approach, and create a brand new theme bundle that includes CSS, JavaScript and Handlebars templates. You can go as far as you like with Brightspot GO, in whatever method you prefer, to customize your front-end experience.

Should you choose to, you can even decide to create headless front-end components, created and hosted outside of Brightspot, using whatever language, framework or environment you choose.

In most cases, though, all you will need to launch a new experience that aligns with your brand and your style guide—or to update an existing one when any of these changes—are the no-code editorial tools available in Brightspot and a little bit of CSS (low code) that can be implemented directly in the CMS.

Decoupled, headless or hybrid? The choice is yours

The CMS landscape is largely defined today by two divergent options.

The first, legacy CMS platforms like WordPress and WordPress VIP, provide organizations with pre-built front-end themes that allow them to launch sites quickly and without involving developers. But these solutions provide little or no flexibility in terms of customization (other than paying an agency or integrator thousands of dollars each time you want to change something).

The second option encompasses headless CMS offerings like Contentful, which promise unlimited flexibility to dev teams to create front-end experiences in any language, framework or environment they prefer, but offer absolutely nothing out-of-the-box with which publishing teams can get started, thus requiring time-consuming and complex front-end build cycles before a site or app can be launched.

Choosing between the two presents organizations with what can be an agonizing choice: time-to-value versus flexibility and future-proofing. When all organizations are desperate for both, this presents a classic dilemma where neither outcome is quite right. And with Brightspot GO, it's one that you can avoid.

One of the core values of Brightspot GO is that it eliminates the need to make this choice at all. With Brightspot GO, an organization can use pre-built content types and editorially customizable front-end themes to launch new experiences with astonishing speed while not impacting developers. Or it can choose to go headless—or do both at the same time with our hybrid-headless flexibility—taking advantage of the approach that best suits the project rather than being forced to make a choice that involves dependencies across an entire organization.

Empower your content team to do more—no engineers necessary

Developers are incredibly valuable to an organization, but at Brightspot we don’t believe they should be required for the day-to-day management of your sites and experiences. Developers are expensive and in high demand, coding takes time and companies need to be free to utilize them where they add the most enterprise value. Tasks like creating new pages and managing user roles and permissions, for example, should and can be handled without developer support.

From creating brand-new pages, sections, microsites or landing pages, to adding, removing or re-arranging modules on your homepage, Brightspot puts the ability to control and manage all of this into the hands of your content teams. No dependencies on any code, configuration, tickets or development requests to make it possible.

Additionally, your content teams can create their own users for Brightspot, and create as many fully custom roles for them as your organization needs—giving you granular control over exactly what each user can see and do, and what they cannot—without requiring a developer to facilitate the process.

If your organization has multi-step workflows that involve multiple team members creating, editing and/or approving content for your sites, you can "editorially" (again, without code) create as many custom workflows for every different content type—controlling every step of the workflow process from creation to publish, with as many different steps and different users as your workflow requires. Brightspot firmly believes that a CMS should fit into your organization’s existing workflow, rather than being forced to change your workflow to suit your CMS—and do all of it without needing a developer in the mix.

Create and collaborate with unparalleled publishing tools

Brightspot GO provides a rich text editor (RTE) that functions as a world-class word processor, including inline commenting and track changes just like you'd experience using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Dynamic inline preview of your content as it will appear in production, plus external preview links that can be shared outside the organization, make it easy for all stakeholders to see what your content looks like before it goes live. These tools, and many more like them, help make Brightspot extremely easy for content teams to use on a daily basis. The editing UI is also extremely familiar and simple to integrate into the workflow of content teams typically used to creating and editing content in common word-processing applications, spreadsheets or presentation software like MS PowerPoint.

Brightspot also makes it extremely easy to collaborate across your organization. Content teams can tag anyone in the organization via a built-in conversation widget on every piece of content; collaborate via comments and track changes in the RTE; lock individual fields so teams don’t walk over each other's changes; subscribe to relevant notifications in Slack or Teams—and dozens of other collaboration features that make it seamless and simple for teams to work together.

All of this ladders up to your content teams being able to create and publish more content, faster, and with more effective collaboration, fewer mistakes or bottlenecks. Even better, all of this can be achieved without involving a single developer.

Get a turnkey CMS for less than the cost of single developer

Everything described here, and much more that you’ll learn about later as you dig deeper into Brightspot GO, is available out-of-the-box, on day one, for the approximate annual expense of a single U.S.-based software developer.

The result?

Empower your content teams to move forward on the path to digital transformation at astonishing speed—without having a single developer involved or one line of new code written. Meanwhile, your development resources can be turned toward delivering tomorrow's digital road map—today.


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