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These are some of the powerful CMS features that are included in Brightspot GO

Brightspot GO includes the features, functionality and flexibility that global brands rely on to power their digital transformations. Explore some of GO's high-value, enterprise-grade CMS features below.

Robust content types

Brightspot CMS Editorial Content Types screenshot

Brightspot GO offers a wide array of built-in content types, including articles, pages, galleries and modules. You can instantly create your own custom types—directly through the CMS.

Content type highlights include:

  • Text-based content types such as articles, blog posts, live blogs and listicles
  • Landing page content types such as page, homepage, section and tag, as well as dozens of purpose-built modules
  • Variety of supported field types, including plain text and rich text, media, date, number, select and direct references
  • Highly permissionable, so users see only the content types and fields that matter to them

Custom workflows

screenshot of Brightspot CMS workflow feature

Create as many workflows as your organization requires, as simple or complex as you need them to be—in minutes, without requiring a developer to create or edit them.

Workflow highlights include:

  • Create workflows by site or sites
  • Apply workflow to one or many content types
  • Drag and draw workflow builder supports as many steps as necessary for your business logic and content process
  • Create custom statuses and transition labels
  • Developers can further customize the workflow system to support multiple workflows per content type or conditional branching

Native search capabilities

Brightspot CMS image search screenshot

Robust, faceted search is core to Brightspot GO. Users can access search anywhere in the CMS to locate content. Federated search gives you the ability to search for content in external libraries.

Search highlights include:

  • Search by keyword, filter by content type and adaptive facets
  • Saved searches allow users to bookmark frequent queries
  • Take actions on search results, such as performing a bulk edit or export
  • Federated search connectors allow discovery and import of assets from other libraries, including:
    • Photos: Getty, AP, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock
    • Videos: YouTube, Vimeo
    • File Storage: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Slack
    • Custom: Any database with an API can be added via development

Rich-text editing tools

screenshot of Brightspot CMS rich-text editor

Designed to be an editor's best friend, the Brightspot rich-text editor (RTE) includes both simple formatting and advanced tools, designed around a singular goal—to make teams more efficient.

Additional RTE tools include:

  • Clean copy/paste of pre-written content from Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Outlook
  • Simple formatting like bold, italics, bulleted/numbered lists
  • Advanced editing tools like track changes and inline comments, plus undo/redo and find and replace
  • Quickly add embeds, including images, hyperlinks, tables and social posts, via copy and paste
  • Full-screen immersive mode for no-distraction writing and editing
  • Keyboard shortcuts supported for all formatting, plus built-in special character support

Real-time, live preview

screenshot of Brightspot CMS live preview feature

Brightspot GO includes our powerful live preview feature, which updates in real time alongside users as content is authored.

Additional preview capabilities include:

  • Extensible preview system works with decoupled and headless front end approaches
  • Multiple viewpoints supported, including landscape and portrait across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Default preview views can be set globally and by site
  • Shared Preview allows users to generate a URL that can be shared with non-CMS users for review and feedback
  • Contextual preview shows how an asset will appear in other placements (such as within a module)

Conversations & notifications

Conversations CMS screenshot

In order to further collaboration—and keep content moving through its production cycle—Brightspot supports a variety of configurable notifications designed to keep users up to date on the notifications they need most. These notifications can be delivered via email, SMS and popular workplace productivity apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Brightspot GO also includes a conversations widget with every asset where teams can leave feedback and communicate on individual assets.

Additional notification highlights:

  • Users can configure one or many delivery methods
  • Supported delivery methods include in-CMS, email, browser, text, Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Users can configure one or many subscriptions, including workflow and publish
  • Admins can set automatic notifications for all users, as well as shared subscriptions for user groups
  • Developers can further extend the notifications system to add custom subscriptions

Collaboration features

Viewers and Locking CMS screenshot

Brightspot GO's viewers and locking capabilities allow users to work side-by-side throughout an asset's creation, as well as post-publish, without delay or interference.

Additional collaboration features include:

  • Inline commenting in all rich text fields, as well as track changes capability
  • Viewers window shows a user who else is currently looking at an asset—on the asset itself, as well is in search and dashboard widgets
  • Field-level locking allows multiple users to work on an asset at the same time
  • Changes made by each user with field-level locking enabled are saved and merged
  • Content-level locking is also supported, with admin settings around lock timeouts
  • Ability to unlock fields and content can be controlled via permissions

Users, roles & permissions

screenshot of Brightspot CMS UI

Our granular user and roles permission system allows admins to create custom roles that set site-, tool- and content-level permissions for all users.

User roles & permissions include:

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of users and roles
  • Set permissions around access to sites, tool areas and content types
  • Restrict the actions a role can take on content types, including write-only and limiting delete powers
  • Modify the CMS UI with content forms, such as hiding fields and widgets as well as setting areas to read-only
  • Custom permissions can easily be created by developers

Flexible dashboards

screenshot of Brightspot CMS dashboard

Brightspot GO supports creation and management of dashboards globally, by site, by role or by user, empowering teams to put the most relevant content and tools right where users need them most.

Dashboard highlights include:

  • Includes a wide range of pre-built widgets, including Quick Start, Recent Activity, Scheduled Events, Upload and Translations
  • Flexible search widget allows the creation of a query-based shortcut, which can be used to create a workflow queue or any critical query teams need to use repeatedly
  • Expansive library of analytics widgets can report on site traffic, content creation volume, authorship, site search queries and trending assets via built-in analytics or Google Analytics

Multimedia asset support

screenshot of Brightspot CMS image editing tool

Brightspot treats multimedia assets—such as images, videos and documents—as first-class assets, allowing users to search, upload, edit and reuse assets, all from one platform.

Additional multimedia features:

  • Upload one, many, or a combination of assets and apply metadata to all
  • Images include a built-in focus point, light image editing tools like flipping, and set individual crops
  • Upload, store and search for PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and other asset types
  • Upload and transcode video using HTML5, import via YouTube URL, or use one of our OVP integrations to connect

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