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Brightspot GO comes ready for business from day one with more than 50 pre-built integrations with the most commonly used third-party software solutions needed by digital publishers. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas where Brightspot GO’s "out-of-the-box" (OOTB) integrations are built to deliver results from day one.


Brightspot CMS integrations screenshot

Brightspot GO supports Taboola, Outbrain and any number of third-party networks providing monetization opportunities to publishers.
It also includes a robust integration with Google Ad Manager that enables customers to easily configure and run text-, image- and video-based ads from their Google Ad Manager implementation. This includes third-party ad networks, header-bidding, key-value pair targeting and all of the robust ad capability upon which publishers rely to compete in the world’s biggest advertising marketplace.


Brightspot CMS analytics dashboard

Perhaps the most common use case requiring an integration is analytics. Brightspot GO includes OOTB integrations with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, enabling GO users to seamlessly flow data into their respective GA and GTM accounts—but also to easily configure no-code dashboards within Brightspot to track usage, engagement and all critical metrics at the site and/or asset level.
Combine these with built-in Brightspot analytics that track publishing activity across an organization’s CMS instance for a comprehensive overview of how the content produced by their teams is resulting in on-site engagement and driving core KPIs.

Content syndication

Brightspot CMS integrations screenshot

Content syndication platforms like Apple News, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles all open out to massive online audiences with a hunger for source material wherever they may be, and through whatever device they happen to have at their fingertips.

Whether it’s distributing connect via smartphones, social networks or search engines, Brightspot GO makes it simple for any organization to syndicate content out to any or all of these platforms, no additional development required.

Marketing tools & services

Brightspot CMS integrations screenshot

A critical point of CMS integrations today comes with how the content hub connects to marketing-automation tools sitting within the broader marketing-technology—aka, martech—stack.

Whether it’s gathering form fills to help qualify marketing opportunities or enabling new readers to sign up for email newsletters via the website sites, an integration-ready platform is critical for connecting the pieces.

With Brightspot GO’s OOTB integrations, marketers have the ability to pull in forms created in Marketo, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Pardot or other marketing-automation platforms directly into any CMS asset and then seamlessly pass data through to a Salesforce CRM or other back-end marketing or sales-enablement tools. Better yet, no need to wait for dev resources to be available to get going: Brightspot GO’s OOTB integrations mean no additional code is required—just drop in the credentials and go.

With the necessary audience-acquisition forms and CTAs configured and published across a website, another common use case for CMS integrations is with popular email service providers (ESPs) like Mailchimp or Sailthru. With these in place, marketers can create and deliver email newsletters directly within the CMS without ever having to leave the publishing workflow.

Media libraries & digital assets

Brightspot CMS - media library screenshot

To drive deeper engagement through their content offering, organizations utilize images from third-party agencies like Adobe Stock, Associated Press, Getty Images or Shutterstock. Likewise, videos from online video platforms (OVPs) like Brightcove, JW Player, Vimeo or YouTube need to be available seamlessly within their CMS publishing workflows.

With the effort of a simple handful of clicks to integrate, Brightspot GO makes searching for any digital asset within the CMS or through third-party sources as easy as finding a recipe on a Google search.

Subscriptions & paywalls

Brightspot CMS integrations - paywall example

Enabling subscriptions, dynamic paywalls, gated and premium content—as well as creating segmented and personalized experiences—is an increasingly critical aspect of many content experiences today. It also presents an increasingly complex and challenging set of solutions that need to be serviced and managed throughout the digital ecosystem of businesses across many different verticals, from publishers to e-retailers to membership-based organizations.

Brightspot GO includes OOTB integrations with leading subscription-management platforms like Zephr and Piano to easily put all, some or specific parts of a given digital experience behind registration, subscription or payment “walls” depending on the use case and need.

Translation & localization

Brightspot CMS - Translations screenshot

As organizations increasingly look to reach new audiences across languages and geographies, another staple of today’s publishing workflows is the need for built-in, seamless translations of published content.

Brightspot GO includes OOTB integrations with multiple translation services including Google Translate, Lingotek and AWS Translate. With these in hand, publishers can deliver quick—and affordable—machine translations of any piece of published content into hundreds of different languages. And, of course, if they prefer to use human-provided translation as part of their workflows, Brightspot GO supports that approach as well.

Content localization is also supported in Brightspot GO, enabling teams to create multiple versions of digital experiences for different locales. That could be as simple as offering a different navigational path through the site in the respective language or tailoring modules, images and other assets to be unique and relevant to that specific audience.

Combined with Brightspot GO’s powerful translation tools, front-end machine translation tools let website visitors effortlessly toggle between different language versions of a site.

User commenting & community

Brightspot CMS integrations - Disqus comments example

If content is king, then user-generated content is the fodder that feeds the crown.

For many publishers today, user commenting is a critical way to interact with their communities as well as drive discussion within these communities. Commenting platforms like Coral and Disqus are a staple of many digital experiences today, and Brightspot GO enables publishers to seamlessly enable any of them—no code required—and easily control for which content exactly within these experiences is open to community commenting.

Workflow & collaboration

Slack Conversation Notification

A core part of the publishing workflow for most organizations is notifications and subscriptions, especially for dispersed teams moving fast to get the story out. This includes being alerted whenever new content is published, drafts are available for review or colleagues are needed to provide feedback and input throughout the editorial process.

Of course, Brightspot GO enables notifications in-CMS and via email, but increasingly the most common ways people across all organizations receive all sorts of notifications today is in popular workplace messaging services like Slack and Microsoft Teams—both of which are available through Brightspot GO as OOTB integrations.

Collaboration is key, but so is the management of which teams and individuals require access and approvals through different steps of the publishing workflow. Here, Brightspot GO benefits from our years of publishing experience alongside some of the world's biggest brands to offer user- and role-level subscriptions that streamline collaboration and drive greater This content governance and consistency.


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